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Bur Gur - 'Have You Lost Your Faith God?' [CD]

Bur Gur

Have You Lost Your Faith God?


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Bür Gür is a Los Angeles-based duo comprised of Corbin Clarke and Makan Negahban, childhood friends who linked up to make music and art while living together on the misty shores of Santa Cruz, California. After individually exploring various musical and artistic projects, the duo began directing their efforts towards writing and performing songs under their collaborative moniker. They have played shows in clubs, bars, festivals, houses, garages, backyards, porches, and parks. Their music synthesizes broad and eclectic influences resulting in a sound that spans a wide variety of genres, sensibilities, and techniques while staying firmly grounded in their original voice.

As soon as you press play on this album you are transported somewhere else. Wherever you go is up to you, but you go some place. And it becomes difficult to see the world in anything but a broad spectrum of bright, beautiful colors. That's not something you say about a record everyday. Let Bür Gür into your life, and watch things start blooming around you.
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