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Cadillac Jones - 'The Big Takedown' [CD]

Cadillac Jones

The Big Takedown


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Crate-diggers and vintage record fanatics of the 21st century, listen up - a never released soundtrack album from an ill-fated 1970's action flick, rediscovered earlier this year, will hit stores this summer. A spokesperson for media-shy jazz-funk outfit Cadillac Jones announced at a weekend press conference that the non-malicious mislabeling of the original tapes led to the soundtrack's estimated twenty-seven year disappearance. Feature film "The Big Takedown" was reportedly shelved by an unnamed major studio when producers exceeded their budget by twice the originally allotted amount and were, by all reports, nowhere near done with the picture. Attempts to raise additional capital failed and the plug was pulled on the project once and for all. "It was tough on the guys in Cadillac Jones as they'd put months into that record," said the spokesperson for the band, going on to say jokingly that "it was the '70s, you know, so it's all a bit blurry, but there was no shortage of parties and heaven knows what else, so we, you know, got on to other projects." Details on how the tapes resurfaced are vague, and the band's representative commented only that an old friend at the now-defunct studio found them in a box he carried out when the Hollywood powerhouse declared bankruptcy in 1982. (Although it gathered dust for close to three decades, it appears as though the soundtrack album was the only piece of "The Big Takedown" that was submitted on time). This same associate was able to guide Cadillac Jones through the process of buying back the rights to the album, which has finally, after some thirty years, been mixed and mastered. It is slated for a summer 2006 release on Atlanta indie label ATF Records. The album, over an hour of instrumental tracks whose funk bass-lines and percussion, balls-out brass progressions, keys and even the infusion of a string section, takes the listener back to the era of films like "Shaft," "The Mack" and "Dolomite," and groundbreaking jazz-funk acts the likes of Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers and Deodato. Indeed, with the whereabouts of the unfinished film unknown, the soundtrack album may be the only historical link to the ill-fated movie, said to have been a high body-count, sex and explosion-filled story of a heist gone wrong, whose special effects and controversial plotline, involving a romance between a white male protagonist and a black female antagonist, would have beaten the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone shoot-em-ups of the 1980s to the punch. Priding themselves on keeping consistent with the times, Cadillac Jones has also introduced a Hip-hop turntablist to the new mix on "The Big Takedown," and encourages today's record producers to sample generously from the album's seemingly endless supply of breaks and funk loops. Also in keeping with the 21st century music industry climate, reports of the album being leaked onto the internet, and of Hip-hop as well as Drum and Bass tracks using "Big Takedown" samples already being circulated on outlets such as, have been confirmed. Asked if the leak was an intentional move to unofficially promote the album, the band's spokesperson declined comment, simply restating that Cadillac Jones encourages "creative recycling" of their music.
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