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Casey Veggies - 'Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
Casey Veggies - 'Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
Casey Veggies - 'Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]
Casey Veggies - 'Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)' [CD]

Casey Veggies

Sleeping In Class (Deluxe Edition)


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Coming from the tail end of Gen Y, Casey Veggies gives a young and refreshing twist on what west coast Hip Hop sounds like. With the help of Peas&Carrots Intl., Casey Veggies has built a brand and a growing fan base by showcasing the lifestyle of a cool, confident and humble Los Angeles teen. Casey Veggies has released two mixtapes in the past (Customized Greatly Vol. 1&2) leading up to his most recent release, the critically acclaimed project, "Sleeping In Class." At the age of 17, Casey's ability to rap about the trials and tribulations of a young adult while also appealing to an older crowd is what makes Casey Veggies one of the most promising freshmen on the west coast.

The deluxe edition of Sleeping In Class includes all of the tracks from the original free album plus 5 brand new bonus tracks. The album features production from Brandun Deshay, LAUSD, Wolf Haley (aka Tyler, The Creator), Hit-Boy and more plus guest appearances from Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, DOM KENNEDY, C-San, Tyler, The Creator, Mann, Nero, and Skye Townsend. The free release of Sleeping In Class has amassed well over 100,000 unique downloads and the first video from the project "Ridin' Roun' Town" has already accumulated over 160,000 views on youtube. Swag!
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