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Cenobites - 'Demented Thoughts EP (1993-1996) (Heavy Pieces: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Cenobites - 'Demented Thoughts EP (1993-1996) (Heavy Pieces: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Cenobites - 'Demented Thoughts EP (1993-1996) (Heavy Pieces: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
Cenobites - 'Demented Thoughts EP (1993-1996) (Heavy Pieces: 2 of 5)' [(Black) Vinyl EP]


Demented Thoughts EP (1993-1996) (Heavy Pieces: 2 of 5)

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record

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After the much praised and well received OLU-001 limited Herb McGruff & Godfather Don EP release, One Leg Up Records continues its tradition of delivering raw hip hop recordings on wax from a true school era. One Leg Up returns with the much anticipated 2nd installment of the groundbreaking and newly titled "Heavy Pieces" limited series... and here is OLU-002! This time around they introduce you to yet another collaboration project with the legendary Brooklyn bomb dropper, Godfather Don, as he brings you the unreleased 2nd part of the classic Cenobites recording sessions. These vintage recordings were created as part of a charismatic vibe surrounding Bobbito, Kool Keith and Godfather Don. Most of these particular joints were, for the most part, made only to be played on Stretch & Bobbito's WKCR 89tec9 show in the early to mid 90's. In 1995, Bobbito Garcia had released about half of the Cenobites recordings on his own Fondle Em Records imprint in the form of an EP called "The Cenubites" (which was incorrectly titled due to a typo by the manufacturer). Longtime fans and local NYC listeners of the Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito radio show during the Cenobites era would recall that there were many other joints that got exclusive airplay that never came out on any release, including the Fondle Em re-issue with extra tracks. Heads have been asking about some of these missing recordings for literally 15 years. In true One Leg Up fashion, we have been able to finally obtain these unreleased gems direct from Godfather Don himself, as we bring you The Cenobites "Demented Thoughts EP"!

For years after the first Cenobites EP came out in '95, Don had always believed that these recordings had been lost for good. While they received a few straight-off-cassette spins on Stretch & Bob's show, it was believed that these songs had somehow been mistakenly misplaced shortly after receiving play on the show in the 90's. Many years later, through a twist of fate, Bobbito had managed to find the original recordings he had of The Cenobites sessions. He quickly gave Don a phone call to let him know the joints he had thought were lost forever were now in his hands and that he wanted to bless Don with his newly revived masters. All of the sessions were recorded at Stretch & Bobbito's shared apartment, where many creative Cenobites experiments took place involving not only Don, Keith and Bob, but guests Percee-P and Cage of Mudbones. The "Demented Thoughts EP" (OLU-002) serves as part 2 of the original classic Cenobites recording sessions made from 1993 until 1996. Entirely produced by Godfather Don, this EP delivers 6 full length songs showcasing insane musical creations from the original mind of Don and Keith, with a center focus on Godfather Don's lyrical wizardry as Kool Keith actually only appears on one of the joints (yet with a marathon classic verse). These hip hop experiments are meshed amongst additional contributions from Bobbito and a teenage Cage (no rhyme intended). What's even more interesting about this 200 copy limited release is that it includes a lost song called "Hawaii" that features Bobbito kicking a verse that would later be immortalized in the hook for The Beatnuts' "Fried Chicken" song from their classic 1994 LP. For many years, fans have recognized Bobbito's voice being looped on the Beatnuts track saying "I keep flowing to the beat of the sure shot, my favorite jam of all time is The Body Rock"... but never being able to pinpoint where this was lifted from. Many assumed it was just a sample of Bobbito taped from his radio show freestyling and bugging out as he usually did at the time and did not realize it was an actual Cenobites recording with Godfather Don dropping a verse right after Bob. For the first time ever, that song and 5 other rare recordings have now found their home on proper vinyl.

About One Leg Up Records: We went into this vinyl idea a little cautious, due to the extremely high up front financial expense and time effort that is required to devote to such a project. Collectors such as yourselves who appreciate this music and medium most have made this EP entirely possible. Without your support, this material undoubtedly would've never surfaced, especially not on wax. I wanted to design a label that catered specifically to collectors and that will deliver high quality products without being concerned with what's going on in the "normal" vinyl distribution world, where these types of releases would not be possible. I believe I have begun this goal successfully.

I think it's amazing from a collector's standpoint that only 200 available copies of this record would exist in the entire world. Do not beat yourself in the head over this later! As a collector myself, I know the feeling when you pass up on a piece that you have the opportunity to obtain but procrastinate or decide against owning it at that time and miss out altogether. Then the day comes when you shell out triple the amount for it on eBay some years later, when you realized you slept. This has happened to me before, but don't let it happen to you if you are feeling this EP.
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