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This Won't Last Forever


"This Won't Last Forever is a song I started writing on the day I decided to take a plea bargain which would inevitably put me in prison. Factor had sent a rough version of this beat & we ended up finishing & recording it together in Saskatoon shortly after during my last possible trip to Canada. The song started as an apology & thanks to my mother (and all mothers) but also developed into a song about philosophies that formed me, living life interested in progress through unity, attempting to reach further equality & working to take back those moments of freedom from power structures even when it seems impossible. It's sort of a children's song in a way.a lullaby. Although I was hoping to somehow "Kanye West" myself a children's choir to make my own version of "We Are The World" - we ended up relying on the choir skills of Jeans Boots, The Little Books & Tommy V to fill out the choruses. Enver Hampton played bass, Levitron did additional guitars & violins & the song was made! My friend Phil Haleen (who also directed the Barely Alive video) came to CT from Portland, OR to make this video right before I went in to prison in 2013 and the best thing we could come up with super last minute was this idea of seeking triumph from the bottom of a trash can. We cut a somewhat jagged hole in the damn trash can, bought some party supplies, stuck my head in there uncomfortably and threw a bunch of junk on my face. Though the original cut was finished for years - we were never fully content with it - we wanted a pyrotechnics guy to blow up the trashcan & had all these outlandish ideas - but that never came to fruition. That's when Matthew Watkins came in. Matt did his brand of animation & found footage montage to really tie it all together. Hope you can dig it & share it with people you care about - because that's what this song is about. Thank you all. "