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Chapter 7 - 'The Color Scheme' [CD]
Chapter 7 - 'The Color Scheme' [CD]
Chapter 7 - 'The Color Scheme' [CD]
Chapter 7 - 'The Color Scheme' [CD]

Chapter 7

The Color Scheme


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Live psychedelic instrumentation mixes with grimey East-Coast hip hop on Chapter 7's debut album 'The Color Scheme.' Chapter 7 handles all production work and leaves the rhyming up to a number of indie hip hop's most talented emcees including Yak Ballz, Tame One, C-Chan of Slow Suicide Stimulus, Cardboard City's Benn Grim, J. Creddy, Sammy Doodle and Division East recording artist The Man From Somewhere Else. Melissa Seitz lends her vocals to the pop/rock influenced 'Believer.'
Born and raised in New Jersey, Mark DeSino (aka Chapter 7 in hip hop circles) has been making noise in the underground playing in various bands and producing for countless local acts. In 2008 he contributed four tracks to Yak Ballz' critically acclaimed album 'Scifentology II' including the song 'New Communication' featuring Def Jux recording artist Cage. With the release of 'The Color Scheme' 2009 will prove to be an even more productive year. Chapter 7 will be contributing tracks to Yak Ballz' upcoming 'Gas Galaxy' mixtape as well as C-Chan's debut solo record 'Sharks & Dinosaurs' out on FloSpot Records later in the year.
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