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Chaucer - 'ICED' [(White) Cassette Tape]



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Cassette Tape

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Chaucer is the soundtrack to the John Hughes movie that is being made right now about your life. Chaucer is like if Randy Newman and Cole Porter and Weezer all had a sex baby. Chaucer is like the lost Ramone cousin who got stuck growing up in Florida. Chaucer is a ladies' man, but he don't give it up for free. Chaucer would give you a ride home if your friends left you behind. Chaucer needs you, but do you need Chaucer?

Chaucer is actually the musical child of Josh Simkowitz, and ICED is his sophomore record. Josh lives and records in West Palm Beach, and creates at a feverish pace. In fact, we just got word that he finished a new album since we started this write-up. One part sundrenched surf punk, one part chamomile tea, Chaucer is poised to be your new favorite band.

"Catches something deeper and maybe even a little haunting, in a four-tracks-and-the-truth kind of way." - L.A. Record

"Brings a fresh take to minimalist bedroom rock that is as infectious as it is fun, and will appeal to fans of Ariel Pink's charming early work, and displays songcraft that belies the novelty of the unique sound of the recording itself." - Pure Honey Magazine
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