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Chico Mann & Captain Planet - 'Night Visions' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Chico Mann & Captain Planet

Night Visions

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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Two of the biggest names in contemporary Latin Electronic Music - Captain Planet and Chico Mann have teamed up for a debut full length collaborative album, Night Visions. The album is a collection of stories which dance alive over an infectious blend of Afro-?Latin rhythms and contemporary dancefloor beats. Told by a variety of characters, drawn from the vibrant imagination of Chico Mann, these stories take place in an endless night, where we move through dimly lit clubs, jungle moonlight, pitch black desert plains, and the internal shadows of personal darkness. Captain Planet's production, informed by his regular crowd-?moving DJ sets, keeps the album sounding effortlessly danceable and contemporary. Meanwhile, Chico's vocals have an instant classic appeal, hinting at old Cuban rumba and vintage Afrobeat LP's. The two are aided by guest vocals from regular collaborators Kendra Morris and Brit Manor, as well as some talented friends who contributed additional horns, guitar and marimba.
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