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Chico Mann - 'Manifest Tone Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Chico Mann

Manifest Tone Vol. 1

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Product Details
Chico Mann is the brainchild of Antibalas' guitarist, Marquitos Garcia. Armed with his childhood Casio keyboard, in late 2002 he embarked upon an experiment in afrobeat, the outcome of which was Manifest Tone Vol.1, a collection of raw and dirty, Lo-Fi tracks to make your body move.

Encouraged by his Antibalas bandmates to keep exploring, Garcia ventured into the world of 1980's drum machine beats and sounds. These fresh electro-afrofunk cuts made their way into the hands of DJ/Vinyl archivist Rich Medina, who then passed them along to the folks at Amsterdam-based Kindred Spirits. With the help of Medina and Kindred Spirits, the Latin music of Garcia's upbringing and Fela Kuti's energetic influence have come together to bring you Manifest Tone Vol.1, a stand-out album displaying the crossover between afrobeat and electronics without missing a beat.
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