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Chief - 'Shadow Collision' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Chief - 'Shadow Collision' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Chief - 'Shadow Collision' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Chief - 'Shadow Collision' [(Black) Vinyl LP]


Shadow Collision

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record

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Dynamic beatmaker Chief is back with "Shadows Collision", a collection of instrumental tracks showcasing the sound signature he's known for, and that new record proves once more why Chief is a key player in bridging the gap between hip-hop and electronic.

"Shadows Collision" consists of instrumental tracks recorded over the past year, and musically follows the path set by Chief's much acclaimed album "Drone Beats & Electric Waves" released in early 2011.

Chief is well known for both his solo work and for producing the cream of the cream of both confirmed and upcoming rappers/singers such as Moka Only, Blu, Co$$, John Robinson, Kissey Asplund, Aloe Blacc, Dynas, Les Nubians, Just Brea, Sene, or Abstract Rude to name but a few.

"Shadows Collision" is a versatile album where Chief manages to blend hip-hop and electronic music, taking the best of both worlds and twisting it all into his very own sound. "Shadows Collision" features new instrumental tracks as well as collaborations with Ghostape, Deheb or Flex Fab, and a few goodies available for the first time on vinyl.

Combining sonic subtlety, electric soundscapes, hip-hop beats and soulful sound design into propulsive beat productions, "Shadows Collision" amounts to an album that stands out in a crowded climate.
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