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Chosen Few - 'New World Symphony' [CD]
Chosen Few - 'New World Symphony' [CD]
Chosen Few - 'New World Symphony' [CD]
Chosen Few - 'New World Symphony' [CD]

Chosen Few

New World Symphony


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Good hip-hop is more than just dope music. It also delivers messages that resonate with its listeners. Much like the socially conscious energy of Public Enemy, Poor Righteous Teachers and the X-Clan, the Chosen Few are scholars through hip-hop, spreading their infectious tunes laden with thought-provoking messages.

The Chosen Few knew the implications involved when choosing such a bold statement as their moniker. However, it perfectly embodies the trio's sentiments and overall mission of artistic and social freedom. The group comprised of Cold Showda, Charles "Chop" Cooper and Unjust have traveled long and far, both physically and figuratively, to release their long-awaited debut album, New World Symphony on Hiero Imperium Records.

Originally from Ohio, home to legendary funk artists like Bootsy Collins, The Ohio Players and Lakeside, the three independently migrated to the progressive Bay Area in the early 2000's after recognizing the limitations of their small market, in search of musical and personal diversity. Chop and Cold Showda immediately felt right at home and started performing together as the Greans, sharing the stage with such acts as Mos Def, Common, The Alkaholiks, Slum Village, and Bootcamp Click while Unjust shaped the visual presence of famed indie label ABB.

New World Symphony features Unjust's soul and psychedelic rock laden beats, Cold Showda's relentlessly aggressive lyrics, and Charles "Chop" Cooper's masterful saxophone playing and lyricism. The 19-song album is full of powerful messages - from the urgent, call-to-action title cut, "New World Symphony" to "Believers," an autobiographical account of their childhood home and the devastating impact the recent economic climate has had on Ohio. Making guest appearances on the album are Del the Funky Homosapien ("King Kong"), Pep Love and Rakaa Iriscience ("It's Good), Tajai ("Belly of the Beast"), Opio ("Elevation"), Piakahn ("Ride") and more.
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