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Chris Lowe - 'Black Life 2: The Next Thing Smokin' [CD]

Chris Lowe

Black Life 2: The Next Thing Smokin


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Chris Lowe combines the esthetics of his early 90's production prowess with the crisper tactics of today, melding an album of Funk and Soul sampling sensibilities with the up-jump crunch for the future. Classic breaks and a straight-forward approach to lyrics brings together The Black Life 2 LP as an example of longevity in the hip-hop community.
Engineered by Hit Squad in-house maestro Charlie Moratta, The Black Life 2 LP bounces with a similarity to his previous timeless creations for EPMD, K-Solo and Redman, while Chris himself (aside longtime friend and associate Dooley O) man production capabilities for the duration of the full disc. Production being his forte, Lowe and Dooley were the first to discover the famed Skull Snaps breakbeat of the past, using it for Stezo's now fabled "It's My Turn" (re-popularized and sampled on Gangstarr's "Take It Personal").
Breaks and beats aside, The Black Life 2 is simply the Rap life. Classically timed, lushly produced and ripe with the ingredients that made so many of Chris Lowe's past collaborators the integral pieces of hip-hop history they are today.
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