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Chris Lowe - 'The Black Life' [CD]

Chris Lowe

The Black Life


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Newjacks and older heads alike will appreciate Chris Lowe's The Black Life LP. Lowe, noted for being one of the seminal pioneers of production and beat diggin' is given some life on the 16-track LP. The New Haven, Connecticut native (the lost state for hip-hop) shines not only as a producer but as both an emcee and DJ (check the track "Chris Crosby vs. DJ Cash Money" for proof positive). This joint features Sadat X and long lost LONS member Dinco D on "Treacherous 3," the vocals of Large Professor on "Uncut Action," as well as collabs with PMD, Dooley O, Steezo, Tall T, and Fort Know. This here is a piece of hip-hop history for you newjacks and a piece of nostalgia for us older cats. Watch out for Lowe who is currently touring with Doom.
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