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Clan Destined - 'ABBRACADAMN!!!' [CD]

Clan Destined



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Clan Destined, the duo known separately as AmDex and DT, cleverly (w)rap their shared experiences into a mixture of HipHop drive of the 80s, diversity of the 90s, and expansion of the new millenium. Both talented emcees/deejays/producers, the two sought to express with conviction their love and ability to fulfill all of these roles. This 16-track outing is dedicated to a wide array of music lovers. No two songs sound too closely the same, but no two aren't linked with the common thread of balance. You can catch either 22-year-old scratching, rhyming, comping, singing, or displaying their sample chops at any point on the disc. Standout tracks include, "The Language" where Dex and DT create an in-and-out pattern of a verse, completely from scratching their own vocals over a beat so fresh, it'll get you ready to hear more. "Freeze", "Set Your Soul Free" and "Never All Ways" give you a deeper look into the character of the duo over electrojazz instrumentation, and songs like "Bigger Fish", "Get Yo Mind Right", "Read the Signs" and "The Monkey" challenge the world around them. Of course, in the words of Marvin Gaye, "you don't have to be told how groovy it is, or which tunes you should dig".
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