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<!--020040406013047-->Clout Graffiti Magazine - 'Issue 5' [Magazine]

Clout Graffiti Magazine

Issue 5



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  • Apr 06, 2004
  • CGM0005MZ
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This fifth issue of Clout features an in-depth interview with The NSF's Niser, one of graffiti's heavy hitters. He has been putting in work steadily - with style - and holding it down in Philly, Pittsburgh and, you could basically say, all of Pennsylvania. Coma and Nore, "DC's Last Street Kings" are in this issue as well. Read about the almost death of a city and how two writers livened it up. Hiro, a writer originally from Seattle, tells us about his time, as a soldier, in Iraq and graffiti in Baghdad. Indecline, the creators and producers of the controversial Bumfights shares photos from their outrageous footage and tells their story in another in-depth interview. These guys are pushing the envelope with ruckus videos and we had to interview them. 2Mex has been doing shit for years in the underground hip-hop scene and 2004 is his year to shine. He has his face branded into your brain with his new Obey logo. If you are a fan of Cali's hip-hop scene, get this issue! Also get this issue for the interview with the group Ostrich Head, who've also been around for a while now and are also out of California. They are making shit bump. And of course bombing, freights and walls. There's a Tie tribute page and a Desa MTA spread. Featuring Distortion 2 Static and Refuse To Be Smart and more.