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Cobra Krames (Hosted By: Rye Rye) - 'Get Familiar - 512MB' [USB Memory Drive]

Cobra Krames (Hosted By: Rye Rye)

Get Familiar - 512MB

USB Memory Drive

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Product Details
  • 512MB
  • NAME001ACC
  • 1.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Name Ribbon Music
Get Familiar is the first release from NAME Ribbon Music (of the NAME Ribbon clothing label) and is an exclusive dance mix concocted by Virigina's own and Cobra Kai alumni Cobra Krames, hosted by M.I.A. protégé Rye Rye, and features all new and often exclusive music from Spank Rock, Curses!, Blaqstarr, Steed Lord, Thunderheist and more! Similar to the concept-driven fashion of NAME Ribbon, Get Familiar follows suit: exclusive tracks and remixes were donated by scenemainstays and fans of the brand and were then expertly mixed by the golden hand of NAME Ribbon family member Cobra Krames. Finally, Mad Decent's Rye Rye lends her rhyme skills and hosting talents to the 29 track musical voyage that is sure to revive any languishing party. But the content is only the beginning. A 512 MB custom-designed flash-drive is pre-loaded with the mix and special features, attached to a keychain with NAME Ribbon's trademark gold charm, and a custom bottle opener. The flash drive is reusable and this survival kit ensures you'll never be without good beats and open beer. A limited run of only 350 kits will be produced and sold around the world.
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