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Cold Duck Complex Presents Freshwater - 'Bad Love' [CD]
Cold Duck Complex Presents Freshwater - 'Bad Love' [CD]
Cold Duck Complex Presents Freshwater - 'Bad Love' [CD]
Cold Duck Complex Presents Freshwater - 'Bad Love' [CD]

Cold Duck Complex Presents Freshwater

Bad Love


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"Freshwater is never afraid to pin the level meters with screeching feedback, or, conversely, launch into a piano waltz. Some songs get loud and fuzz-boxy like old Chili Peppers or Rage Against the Machine, and sometimes the group of obviously schooled musicians ventures into jazz, gospel, classical and even occasional [Hindu] chant... Platypus Complex never stumbles on an awkward cadence, and never settles for a cheap rhyme."
- Valley Advocate

"Platypus delivers a diatribe with the rhetorical arsenal of a speechwriter... 'Lonely Animal delivers more one-liners than the entire Young Jeezy oevure, and lowbrow existential angst doesn't get much better... Bad Love will surprise and refresh you."

Freshwater speaks directly to the heart, fuck the middlemind. Music deep enough to be played as instrumentals. Lyrics hot enough to be spit acapella. Fearlessly experimenting, breaking every paradigm of hip hop, rock, jazz, pop, classical, and soul music, this shit takes you higher. Freshwater is producer/ composer Joe Cardozo, aka Joey Freshwater, in collaboration with a multitude of vocalists, emcees, lyricists, musicians, and artists. Freshwater's introduction to the world is Cold Duck Complex presents Freshwater: Bad Love, an album made with the participation and support of all members of Cold Duck Complex, the larger collective of which Cardozo is a founding member.

We all know the word faith, common and maybe even cliche in America 2009, co-opted by political and religious leaders, a tool for placating the many. But true faith is the real knowledge that the peace we crave is already within our grasp... we don't always see it, but it burns quietly in the back of our minds, in the depth of our hearts. Faith is born in despair, in the contradiction and confusion of life. Faith is earned. Faith starts where we hurt.

"To me, this album is an attempt to express my own discovery of faith, even as it intertwines with the voices of my collaborators," says Joe Cardozo, producer and composer of most of the music on Cold Duck Complex presents Freshwate: Bad Love. Neither strictly a solo album nor a band album, Bad Love is a joint release: the musical voice of Cardozo aka Joey Freshwater filtered through the hip hop/ rock/ jazz machine for the last 7 years that has been called Cold Duck Complex. From the self-absorbed heartache of "What's Left?" through the rebirth of love in "Coming Home", "Bad Love" pits epic instrumental landscapes, running the gamut from soul to rock to gospel to jazz, against the confessional yet explosive delivery of emcee Platypus Complex. It is the faith born of a struggle, both internal and external, personal and interpersonal, metaphorical and very, very literal.
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