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Coto - 'Coto' [(Opaque Yellow) Cassette Tape]



Opaque Yellow Cassette

Cassette Tape

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Emmanuel Armando Coto was born & raised in Hollywood, CA. A self-taught artist & musician, COTO first learned to play the bass, then swiftly graduated to drums and guitar, ultimately bringing Abelton into his instinctive production cache.

Jamming & recording everything by himself in a cozy Rampart apartment, the "COTOWN" sound was born in late 2014. Months spent in the desert recording with mystic Gonjasufi honed his skills further, while back in L.A., a group of ace musicians began daily sojourns to COTOWN, contributing new instrumentation, technology, magic & more.

The seven deeply emotive songs on COTO's debut EP were all recorded at COTOWN during this fruitful period in 2015. This debut album shines the first golden rays of this journeyman's archetypal quest.

All production duties & instruments were deftly handled by COTO, with special guests Alex Gray (Sun Araw, D/P/I) and Francis Pagsuguiron (Dirty Bandits) each providing drums to a track, plus Gato Mercado (GatoLoco) & punker Trenttruce adding guitar & vocals (respectively) to "Mayan Rock". Even the elusive Gonjasufi appears, credited with contributing lyrics to the closer "I Used To See Angels".

COTO's self-titled debut EP will be released worldwide on Tuesday, June 21st, 2016 via HIT+RUN. COTO's recognizable hand-drawn artwork naturally graces the album cover. The EP will be available through a strict limited-edition 100qty run of cassette tapes.
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