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Count Bass D & Insight - 'The Risk Takers' [CD]
Count Bass D & Insight - 'The Risk Takers' [CD]
Count Bass D & Insight - 'The Risk Takers' [CD]
Count Bass D & Insight - 'The Risk Takers' [CD]

Count Bass D & Insight

The Risk Takers


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When the telluric rap from Boston's producer & MC Insight meets the aerials flow and production of Count Bass D, the result is "The Risk Takers". A 100% Hip-Hop album, created as a free exercise, where the only concern is to get the best of one's self, without constraint. Just music, but good music , this is the simple message implied by "The Risk Takers".

A direct music, instinctive, without emphasis, is the common denominator which has lead those artists all along their career. But the convergence doesn't stop here: both share a certain sense of independence and ability to produce and rap. "This album looked like an evidence for both of us, I knew the work of Insight , long before I met him. It's definitely a person who appeals to new perspectives which are going far beyond the music. He's the kind of man who is able to produce a killer beat and in the meantime program apps to make music on your iPhone. Our collaboration is born on this abundance of ideas." Says Count Bass D to portray Insight and the genesis of this album.

"The Risk Takers" celebrates the style of two MC's & Producers, in a mood of positive emulation. "The Risk Takers" doesn't care about mainstream as much as underground. "Those terms are both overworked. They are the reverses of the same piece. Underground is doing the same calculation than the mainstream with its scenes, tags, cliches. We wanted to escape from that. Escape from the revival Rap Jazzy as well as academic Boom Bap which copies the 95-96 years or the muscular "white trash" underground rap. For the last, it might have been difficult, since we are both black..."

So, exit the classic formulas, Count Bass D & Insight have favored a more subtle universe. The tracks are mixed and self-sufficient, showing on different strokes various atmospheres and moods. We can find here what made us thrill on the first Pharcyde or Deltron 3030. An innocence and a certain Hip-Hop classicism which paradoxically get the agreement of all and overtake the divides of the genre. Maybe this is what means having style and brio.
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