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Craig G

Rappers vs. Promoters (Live At A3C - Atlanta, GA - 3/21/08)


The solemn song and dance between promoters and artists is a seemingly never-ending struggle. 50% of the time, they end up hating each other - but unfortunately they are forever intertwined in a symbiotic relationship of dependence. Artists need to eat. Promoters need to eat. Artists are always right. Promoters are always right. It's all business at the end of the day - but sometimes feelings are hurt. UGHH has managed to gather some footage of just such an event, and we're passing the knowledge on to you. Craig G vs. Boston Promoter Edu Leedz. Enjoy.
  • Apr 12, 2009
  • 02:04
  • Interviews
  • Juice Crew
  • DJ ON&ON