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Critical & DJ Connect - 'Surgery' [CD]
Critical & DJ Connect - 'Surgery' [CD]
Critical & DJ Connect - 'Surgery' [CD]
Critical & DJ Connect - 'Surgery' [CD]

Critical & DJ Connect



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This newest single from cRITICAL (of Critical Madness) is a modern medical breakthrough as he teams up with legendary producer Buckwild (of DITC) to perform "Surgery". Through this he dissects your brain with flawless precision while operating in the booth displaying a verbal delivery sharp enough to slice open your chest without the use of a scalpel. His technical flow ignites over a psychotic yet melodic beat to give you more of a rush than being strapped to a stretcher in the back of an ambulance as it's being stolen by a mad scientist on a cynical rampage.

On "I Want It" (prod. by DJ Connect), cRITICAL shares the mic with two other certified spitters: Little Vic & Roc Marciano who both rep Strong Island from Valley Stream to Hempstead. On this motivational anthem of the future, all 3 rappers share their individual lists of wants and needs, creating an elaborate image of success aimed to inspire anyone from a millionaire tycoon to a broke kid that is mopping up kitchen floors enabling this a song that can be embraced by anyone on either side of the human spectrum.

The next song entitled "Fuck You, I'm Better" (also prod. by DJ Connect) brings an extremely confident message. That specific message suggests that overpopulation in the rap game and industry politics have stunted the growth of a highly competitive art form founded on filtering out the weak with the use of raw talent and genuine skills.

This CD single also includes the "Fuck You, I'm Better" instrumental and 2 bonus remixes produced by fellow Creative Juices crew member: Frank Sasoon, from whom you will be hearing much more hardcore, gritty production from in the near future. Look out for the cRITICAL & DJ Connect- "Electrical Tape" album set to be released soon on Creative Juices Music
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