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CSS - 'Planta' [CD]




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Sao Paulo all-girl quartet CSS had a hell of a night in the City of Angels during October 2011. As a result, that fateful evening served as something of a jumping off point for their fourt full-length album, Planta, translated "Plant". The band - Lovefoxxx (lead vocals), Ana Rezende (guitar), Luiza (guitar/ bass), and Carolina Parra (guitar/ bass) - had only recorded at home in Brazil prior so the idea proved immediately intriguing. After serendipitously seeing them perform at another Los Angeles concert, TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek approached the girls about producing. Another total no-brainer, they holed up in Sitek's house for close to two months and made an album together. He has a vision, and he helped us bring these songs to life.

Songs like the first single, "Hangover" stand emblematic of the enigmatic style they collectively harnessed. Co-written with Rancid's Tim Armstrong, it straddles the lines between pop, dance, and punk, while never losing its edge or cheeky sense of humor with lines equating hangovers and heartbreaks.

That energy courses through Planta from the shimmying and shaking electro-field opener "Honey" to the tambourine dream of "Faith In Love." In many ways, the albums boundlessness has been CSS's goal since the beginning.

They've continually delivered ever since their debut Cansei de Ser Sexy, translated to "Tired of being sexy" - a quote from Blue Ivy's mom Beyonce. The record spawned the hit "Music Is My Hot Hot Sex", which was the highest-charting single by a Brazilian band to date and continues to be one of their best selling albums. It even landed in an iPod commercial, another accolade worth mentioning as well as spot in national Revlon and Chloe campaigns. Their follow-up efforts, Donkey and La Liberacion, upped the ante and helped draw a devout and dedicated worldwide fan base, supported by constant gigging. However, the CSS phenomenon is going to grow even more with Planta.

"We share a sense of sisterhood and family," concludes Luiza. "I hope you can feel that in the music. We wanted to make a record where ever song is part of the whole story. You can relate to the real human emotions of it - like finding your voice or falling in love."
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