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Cuban Beat All Stars - 'La Receta' [CD]

Cuban Beat All Stars

La Receta


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When the legendary Cuban band Orishas split up in late 2009, several of its members--emcee Hiram Riverí (Ruzzo) and musicians Nelson Palacios, Vladimir Núñez y DJ Tillo--decided to take advantage of their deep connection and good chemistry to blaze new trails together. Reinforced by Roy Pinatel, they launched a new, innovative project: Cuban Beats All Stars. These five devoted and acknowledged artists have combined their magic and musical experience to create a fresh, spectacular, powerful sound that is truly without par. Cuban Beats All Stars go beyond the fusion approach begun by Orishas, elevating Cuban music to a new level with songs that blend its traditions with urban, electronic, and tribal sounds and address a wide variety of topics (social criticism, personal experiences, parties and entertainment, Cuban culture and more). Their first CD will appear in the spring of 2015 with Termidor Musikverlag & Timba Records. The disk was recorded and mixed by Lorenzo Matellán at Headroom Estudio in Madrid and mastered by Arturo Turra Medina (winner of two Latin Grammy Awards) in Los Angeles. Various other outstanding musicians were also involved, including Fernando Hurtado (trumpet), Joulien Ferrer (trombone), Yuvisney Aguilar (batá), Enrique Heredia Negri (voice and guitar), Manuel Machado (trumpet), and Rafael Águilar (sax). There's no doubt about it: the resumes of these dudes are top-notch, filling page after page--you could safely say that hardly a country or festival is left that they haven't played yet.
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