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Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - 'Khaki Suit/ Road to Zion' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley

Khaki Suit/ Road to Zion

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
I first remember hearing this on WERS 88.9 of all places and being blown away. The new Damien is pretty good listening for the most part and this ("Jamrock" fan's settle down) is the best song. An absolutely mind blowing experience rather than a track. This track sounds like it's a live recording in the yard circa 1985 with Eek-A just sounding so damn vintage. Bounty Killer's rough neck flow rounds things out nicely. Eek-A steals the show though with that verse at the end and the "Anerexol" type chorus. Easily one of the hypest tunes of the year. Jr. Gong needless to say holds his own on this one too. "Road to Zion" is a decent B-side with Nas in all honesty sounding kind of uninspired. It doesn't really matter at this point. Bottom-line you need this.
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