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Dandy Teru - 'Adventures' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Dandy Teru - 'Adventures' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Dandy Teru - 'Adventures' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
Dandy Teru - 'Adventures' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Dandy Teru


Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record

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"Adventures" is the debut full-length album by French producer Dandy Teru. His opus is chock-full of notable guest vocalists and MC's and also includes remixes by Tall Black Guy, Belgian production duo Monkey Robot and his partner-in-crime Quiet Dawn.

In Dandy Teru's own words: "Adventures is a journey. On every side of the project, this opus is an incredible journey into a thema, a group of people (guests and co-directors) and friends, and a travel alone inside my own psychology. It's a witness testimony of a global state of mind, with the thema as the first stone of it: dreams." The album is an eclectic mix of downtempo, Nu Jazz, "Beat" music, Soul, House and Hip-Hop. Featuring up and coming talent such as Sami K who laces the track Burned with his blues-inflected vocals, Chicago MC Rita J on Wake Up Now and Sarah Gessler on Fragile Things, alongside renowned and well-known MC's Moka Only, Ty and Count Bass D.

Hailing from Orleans, France, Dandy Teru wears many hats; multi-media artist, artistic director, radio host and selector on Laid Back Radio, but foremost as a music producer. He's been slowly making a name for himself yet still somewhat working in the shadows, with connections and contributions to a slew of young and burgeoning French artists in the Hip-Hop scene such as Tchad Unpoe, Pumpkin, Supafuh, and fellow producers Monkey Robot and Quiet Dawn. His production aesthetic however hasn't gone unnoticed with his inclusion in TBG's (Tall Black Guy) Tempo Dreams compilation for Bastard Jazz featuring new producers of note as well as a track on the Do The Dilla 2012 album.

With a full-length album release due early next year featuring Moka Only, Count Bass D, Rita J and remixes by TBG, Monkey Robot and Quiet Dawn as well as another collaboration with TBG on our next installation of the Luv N' Haight Edit Series, Dandy Teru will complete his emergence from the shadows and into the spotlight.
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