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Daniel Joseph - 'Pretty/Ugly' [CD]
Daniel Joseph - 'Pretty/Ugly' [CD]
Daniel Joseph - 'Pretty/Ugly' [CD]
Daniel Joseph - 'Pretty/Ugly' [CD]

Daniel Joseph



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Formerly Espee One of the group Bully Mouth. Daniel Joseph makes music dedicated to those with an appreciation for going against the grain and above the bar. With the ability to adjust to any type of track, Daniel leaves a lot of people listing him as 'that good different'. Lyrical content beyond the norm, and complimenting any beat with his signature voice is what D. Joseph takes pride in. Along with a long line of respect and credibility in the tough NJ/NY hip hop market with his music, Daniel is also an all around artist. photography, illustration, and short stories are a few parts of art that make Joseph's craft come full circle.

With his long awaited debut album Pretty/Ugly being released on High Water Music you will understand the diverse nature of his music. From feeling frustration(s) of the game on such tracks as "esSTILLme" and "Off Course" to satisfying that hunger for gritty east coast rhymes on tracks "Fly On Paper" and "For You". "There's no need to duck if the fucker aint aimed at ya" is exactly the tone set by Daniel throughout his whole music career. A mellow, somewhat intreverted 'cool guy' knows when to throw down the hammer and when to let you into his world.

Produced entirely by the Akai Pros Pretty/Ugly takes us back to the days of Fun Crusher Plus by Company Flow or The Cold Vein by Cannibal Ox. In the ever changing Hip Hop scene look out for an MC with the ability to adapt at any time.
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