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David Ramos - 'That Down There' [CD]
David Ramos - 'That Down There' [CD]
David Ramos - 'That Down There' [CD]
David Ramos - 'That Down There' [CD]

David Ramos

That Down There


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That Down There, the record which was originally intended to be a B-Side for Fake Four Inc.'s first release This Up Here has taken its own shape. While being compiled of songs recorded over the last 10 years, the album is surprisingly cohesive and consistent. Where on This Up Here Ramos may have strayed a bit from his hip-hop roots, That Down There we see an unforced return to more hip-hop. That is not to say that That Down There is simply a hip-hop record. There are just more rap songs along with the synth-pop, folk, and indie that was more prominently displayed on This Up Here. In short, That Down There is a diverse record both musically, and thematically, with something for everyone. It shifts from songs about mental illness and his fathers addictions, to a scathing diss song against U2 frontman, Bono, topically titled "No Bono" featuring a vocal appearance by his brother Ceschi. It is the B-side record which some listeners will ultimately end up considering the A-Side.
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