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dDamage - 'Aeroplanes' [CD]




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dDamage is a french band formed by Ape and Doctor Agueev. Their music is a brillant alchemy of hip-hop, electro, breakcore, rock ... Since 2000, dD have collaborated with artists such as MF Doom, Mike Ladd ... and French A-list bands like TTC, La Caution ... to name a few. They are considered by many peoples as the black sheep of the French electro scene.

Their brand new album, Aeroplanes, is the result of many meetings with international artists that have been trapped by the dDAMAGE bank of sounds. They, for exemple, meet living legend Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) in Paris and kidnapped Jon Spencer to produce "Fuzzbox" that bring the brain beyond the electro-punk experience, full of beats made of rage, with a wide range of colors and rainbows of analog synthetizers. On the other hand dD also collaborates with New-York rapper Agallah and southern star Young Jeezy on "The Truth", a cappuccino colored track that stretches the time, condensing hip-hop and electronica.

Monster dDamage swallows and throws many musical cohesions, judiciously out of the flood in vogue and tendentious French hypers already tired to exist. Shootin' up audio streams though different time zones, the duo has now an international bad reputation due to their musical know how that goes from punk to country, rap to electronic shit and a high quality agenda of gigs from all around the world.

dDamage music is no school, no hype, no way, no future, no past, no present, just a dDAMAGE fuzzy state of mind, comin' straight from the sewers of Paris.
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