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Dday One - 'Mood Algorithms' [CD]
Dday One - 'Mood Algorithms' [CD]
Dday One - 'Mood Algorithms' [CD]
Dday One - 'Mood Algorithms' [CD]

Dday One

Mood Algorithms



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  • Jun 05, 2012
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 886470621521
  • CNT1015CD
  • 2.9 oz
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  • The Content Label
  • Dday One
This project of early-works was originally circulated as a cassette, limited to 20 copies. Recently, it was restored using modern audio restoration and preservation techniques. This process involved digitizing material from 4-track, 3.5" floppy disc and one of the surviving tapes. The title "Mood Algorithms" reflects the compositional process in which beats were created with inspiration from daily moods. The cover art, created by British designer Oliver Cartwright, illustrates the sequence of these moods which are represented by the array of vivid colors.
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