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Dead Prez

Interview Pt. 1 (At Rock The Bells - Mansfield, MA - 7/26/08)


Part 1 of 4: Open your mind's eye (and ears) for what could be considered the most insightful interview series conducted through UGHH thus far. M-1 & Stic.Man discuss the books that inspired Dead Prez's philosophies, their upcoming album "The Information Age" and teaming up with The Outlawz on "Can't Sell Dope Forever." Dead Prez describe the parallels between 2Pac's "Thug Life" and their "Revolutionary but Gangsta" movement, along with why they believe that the CIA is responsible for Pac's murder.
  • Apr 12, 2009
  • 05:27
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  • M1;
  • Van Stylez