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Death Catchetz - 'Death Catchetz' [CD]
Death Catchetz - 'Death Catchetz' [CD]
Death Catchetz - 'Death Catchetz' [CD]
Death Catchetz - 'Death Catchetz' [CD]

Death Catchetz

Death Catchetz


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Death Catchetz is a dark, hardcore and clever hip hop album all produced by Beatahoe and written and performed by Admiral Crumple. The album is about current world events, and timeless topics like legacy and teamwork. The whole collaboration is an example of strong teamwork to completion in 2016 - something much needed in the world today. While Drake is sitting atop the CN Tower for this 2016 release "Views" The Death Catchetz dawn a hooded character in one of Toronto's most drug infused areas Yonge and Wellesley. Drake lives a high quality life but so does Admiral Crumple - photographed in the back of the album cover in a luxury car. So while Drake is on top of the world with danceable anthems Death Catchetz has dope anthems like weapon Day where the Chorus repeats "I exercise/every second day/ and everyday I pray like it's a weapon day/ talk to my team - they're not crooks - every year I read 10 new books!" The album takes into account the recent mass shootings, religion, workaholics, relationships, and the millennial generation etc.

The beats are all very intricate and grimy. Produced by Beatahoe who produced several tracks on Goretex's (from Non Phixion) bestselling album "Electric Lucifer" Beatahoe also did extensive production for Jak Tripper -a New York battle and Occult rapper and also Boxguts who is an emcee/artist who also appears on Death Catchetz. Boxguts' art work has appeared in Juxtapose magazine and many other press sources.

Admiral Crumple rhymes about society and things people aren't talking about- the financial retirement crisis, workaholics, Belladonna plants, the old problem of College graduates unable to find work, coffee, medical marijuana etc. The album cover was taken on Yonge and Wellesley at 2 am in the summer of 2016 - Where downtown Toronto is filled with Marijuana Dispensaries and youth hanging out in front of the McDonalds.

The Main theme of Death Catchetz is having people take a look at what legacy they will leave behind in life. Death = Death and Cachet is the state of being respected or admired; prestige. This is mature Hip Hop as Crumple was 33 years old when it was recorded. It's made for the people that love golden era rap - but also trap music. It's made to create awareness and also for drug dealers to blast in their cars with weed and coke in them. This is jail rap - with lyrics that will hopefully prevent people from going to jail.

Crumple has been running Cataphonic Productions - a record label specializing in dark, hardcore and clever hip hop since 2002. He is one of the few Toronto rappers from that era still thriving and releasing hip hop albums.
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