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Death Set - 'Worldwide' [CD]
Death Set - 'Worldwide' [CD]
Death Set - 'Worldwide' [CD]
Death Set - 'Worldwide' [CD]

Death Set




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Straight out of Baltimore's bustling music scene, The Death Set splatters punk rock all over warehouse dancefloors with their debut release on Counter Records, Worldwide-- a blast of fleeting songs with lifelong hooks and overdriven melodies.

Filling twenty-five minutes with eighteen jams, Worldwide boasts the noise of unrefined creation. From the call-to-upraise-arms of "Negative Thinking," through the rallying cry of "Intermission"; along the serrated edge of "Cold Teeth," into enemy dancespace on "Around The World"; from the high-voiced androgyny of "Day In The Wife," to the chant and chime of "Had A Bird"; The Death Set exploits consonance and dissonance to the fullest.

The band hails originally from the Gold Coast of Australia, where Johnny Siera met co-founder Beau Velasco in 2005. Drawn to each other's reckless care for music, the duo united to write, record, and get hellbent on touring, moving first to Sydney, quickly to Brooklyn, and finally to the meaner streets of Baltimore, where their DIY grit-ethic could thrive.

The secret to The Death Set's charm is in their denial of the nihilism in punk rock. With breakneck fuzz atop lo-fi electronics, searing vocals over-scored by a lift of positivity, The Death Set redefine the space of the anthem, and take it Worldwide.
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