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<!--120070515009649-->Deejay OM - 'Reheated Naan & Curry' [CD]

Deejay OM

Reheated Naan & Curry




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Deejay OM's "Reheated Naan and Curry" is a rich musical and cultural experience beyond what most expect from a producer these days. Avoiding the temptations to merely go through the motions as a beatmaker, OM has created an album full of life and vigor, relying on an overall theme but not being bogged down by it. The music on this record is unlike what most people have heard or even imagined, and they should count on a wild enjoyable ride when the literal and proverbial needle drops.
Deejay OM, based in San Francisco, CA, has been a successful deejay and producer for over 14 years. He is a perennial "selector" who knows the right music to play (and when) to get the crowd to move to the music. OM is also known to have a deep love for yoga, meditation, cooking fine vegan cuisine, art, and of course, music. He has produced music for films (Thrasher Skateboarding videos & movie soundtracks), performed with Z-trip, Shortkut (of Invisible Scratch Pickles), The Pharcyde, Ghostface Killah and The Genius (of Wu-tang), Madlib (Stones Throw), and many others. He has been a deejay for various FM Radio shows, Clubs (International and Domestic), private parties & much more. A member of the illustrious Vinyl Monkeys Crew (members include Sixtoo, Jel, Joe Beats, RPM, Scott Matelic, Dibbs, Signify, etc.), OM also produces music for the Galapagos4, Heardrums, and Refinery Records.
His much anticipated solo album "Deejay OM's 'Reheated Naan and Curry'" will be released May 2007 on Galapagos4 and features the finest in Middle Eastern beats mega-mixed to provide the ultimate experience and adventure in psychedelia and break neck beats.
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