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Delby L - 'Nine Skies' [CD]
Delby L - 'Nine Skies' [CD]
Delby L - 'Nine Skies' [CD]
Delby L - 'Nine Skies' [CD]

Delby L

Nine Skies


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  • May 05, 2009
  • Rock & Alternative
  • 616892006268
  • FFINC008CD
  • 1.5 oz
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  • Fake Four Inc.
  • Delby L
Delby L is an original and infectious rock treasure. Deep musicality and Un-erring melodic inspiration relentlessly spring forth from the trio's mouths and instruments. Their sound is deceptively simple and stripped down, but full as an orchestra - 2 guitars & drums, 3 voices, and sometimes a trumpet. Delby L is made up of usual Denver suspects Jeff Eliassen (notable collaborations with Ariel Pink, R. Stevie Moore), Dave Devine, and Brian Lenherr. In 2007, these 3 former sidemen of The Czars and Walking Into Drawings decided to make a joyous noise of their own. Now the joy just won't quit as the trio blasts & glides through musical twists & turns, surprising new listeners daily. A variety of frequent comparisons from Pinback, to Explosions in the Sky, to Jeff Buckley perhaps allude to a few of the band's favorites, but certainly none come close to describing the group's utterly unique sound. Often pretty, sometimes noisy, always catchy, Delby L will draw you in to their compelling world, on stage or at home with headphones. Their new album "Nine Skies", recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, is being released on May 5th 2009 on Fake Four Inc.
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