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Denitia & Sene - 'His And Hers' [CD]
Denitia & Sene - 'His And Hers' [CD]
Denitia & Sene - 'His And Hers' [CD]
Denitia & Sene - 'His And Hers' [CD]

Denitia & Sene

His And Hers


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Limited physical edition of Brooklyn duo's debut album, with bonus track not available on digital version.

denitia and sene's first EP, blah blah blah was released in August 2012 and presented by, a three-track assortment blending definitive soul with electronic bebop. Their track "Casanova" won the attention of many music tastemakers, with Fader magazine calling it "an effortless, snuggly gem primed for late Saturday mornings tangled in rumpled covers." Because their partnership has been effortless and magical from the get, they intend to continue down the same track, aiming to create authentic and intuitive music that is accessible to a wide variety of people. No fronts and no concessions – it follows only the rules they set for themselves, compromising nothing that might contradict their signature sweet panache.

This album recalls Massive Attack, Everything But The Girl, and dare we say Portishead – the defining 90's female downtempo/soul voices backed by bold, sultry beats. "his & hers" is hard to compare to anything else coming out right now, apparently their intention. With production from J57 (Homeboy Sandman, Brownbag All Stars, Sene's solo work on Plug Research), Illingsworth, Nolan Thies, and DeeJay Element, the album somehow transcends the various producers' backpack roots and lands not far from Vice or Dim Mak Records territory – chic, hip and alluring.

Both are inspired by a variety of artists and backgrounds, listing Sade, the Fugees, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, The Beatles, and Janet Jackson as a few of their shared favorites. Such diversity is reflected in the dynamism of their own sound, from smooth bass lines and reverberating vocals to synth-laden blues and abbreviated narratives.
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