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Dephlow & Phoniks - 'Deph Threats' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Dephlow & Phoniks

Deph Threats

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]

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Last year, Dephlow made his debut with Dephacation-a collaborative album with fellow Virigina emcee Awon and Porland, ME producer Phoniks. He later reappeared on a pair of tracks on Awon and Phoniks' Knowledge Of Self LP. And now, it's time for the Hampton, VA native to release his debut solo album.

Produced by Phoniks, Deph Threats clocks in just under an hour with 14-tracks that focus on inequality, social injustice, and selfreflection. Features include Awon, Anti-Lilly, Envy Hunter, F. Draper, Tiff The Gift, Nehemiah Bell, and My Main Man Keion.

"This album was started during a period of my life that should've made creativity impossible. I dedicate this album to my father Leon, my best friend's father Joe, to my sister's mother Katherine, and to everyone who has lost someone they love to cancer. I wanted this album to sound aggressive and angry, but I believe God had another plan and a message of resolution and strength for me to deliver. I have no other way to describe how I put those thoughts together. I couldn't make this album the same way today. I will never forget hearing the masters for the first time. I took a ride and eventually had to pull the car over and just sit there and listen. I knew we achieved something that could live forever even if I never put another solo album out. This album is that powerful."
- Dephlow
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