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Deux Process - 'In Deux Time' [CD]

Deux Process

In Deux Time


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If you're not familiar with Deux Process, which I'm sure a lot of people aren't as they are relatively new onto the scene, they are composed of VisaVersa and Chief Nek who take care of the MC duties with Shawn DubB on the wheels of steel. Deux Process not only wants to get their name out but wants to help further develop a hip-hop scene in Colorado. It's kind of baffling why Colorado doesn't have more of a scene. The amount of heads out there plus how many tours come thru there; you'd expect something to have developed from an artist sense anyway. The lead single to "Deux Time" is" Take The Dance" which sold really well and helped Deux to establish a little buzz around themselves. Deux Process is ready to drop their debut LP "In Deux Time" and get things rolling along.
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