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Devin The Dude

Previously Unreleased 2007: Odd Squad, Scarface, Facemob + "Fuck You" LIVE


Devin The Dude - Interview (Allston, MA - 4/25/2007) ... #UGHHxclusive

Never before seen interview with Devin The Dude in 2007 on the Boston leg of his tour to celebrate the release of his final album on Rap-A-Lot Records: Waitin To Inhale. What starts off as a history lesson, quickly devolves into filth as The Dude fields low-brow inquiries such as How Much Weed Do You Really Smoke? & How Many Women Do You Really Fuck?. Citing an Oprah panel discussion between rappers, rap industry execs and a mostly female audience, Van Stylez asks the notoriously explicit Dude how he responds to criticism of rappers referring to women as bitches and hoes. Stay tuned till the end for a live performance of "Fuck You" from Dr. Dre's "2001".

0:41 - Rap-A-Lot Records + Odd Squads Fadanuf Fa Erybody
1:01 - Brothermob (a/k/a Scarface) Presents... Facemob Other Side Of The Law
1:32 - Dr. Dres 2001 + The Up In Smoke Tour
2:13 - Dj Screw + Chopped N Screwed
2:45 - Waitin To Inhale + Weed & Women
3:49 - Misogyny in hip-hop?
4:45 - Day In The Life Of Devin The Dude
6:22 - Fuck You LIVE at Great Scott
  • Aug 14, 2017
  • 7:45
  • Interviews
  • Van Stylez