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Diamond Ortiz - 'Baby Lotion' [Cassette Tape]

Diamond Ortiz

Baby Lotion

Cassette Tape

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California future funkster, Diamond Ortiz, is back with his take on '90s R&B with this super limited EP Baby Lotion. Baby Lotion is thirty minutes of laid-back 90s jams seasoned with some vocoder, squelchy bass lines, and sexy interludes. It's smooth & funky yet it also captures the feel of sensual slow jams that were so ubiquitous not so long ago. Baby Lotion is a modern slow burner essential with standouts like "Courvoisier", "Im'a Rock Yo World", & the catchy "Hennything Is Possible" featuring LA's Polyester The Saint. Ortiz acts a one-man band- producer, songwriter, & engineer on this largely self-produced project. Ortiz continues on his path to be one of LA's most essential modern funk forces. A must own for fans of Ortiz, Baby Lotion won't be around for long!
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