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Diamond Ortiz - 'Loveline' [CD]

Diamond Ortiz



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Representing the Bay Area branch of MoFunk's ever-growing tree, Diamond Ortiz brings you "Loveline," his first full-length with the label. Fueled by the success of the "Zooted" single and subsequent "Boomerang EP," Diamond continues to expand on his heavy-bottomed, pulsating brand of funk, underscored by deep synth bass lines and skull-shattering hand claps, contrasted perfectly with beautiful melody and joyful sentiments, as exemplified by song titles such as "She Chose Me," "We Clicked," and "Natural Fun."

Weaving interchangeably between the human and electronic incarnations of his voice, it's easy to draw comparisons between his talkbox technique and those of his more iconic predecessors. Yet, while he makes reference with reverence, he does it in his own way, having distilled the blueprints of many into the sound of one - and it's ready to be heard in full on "Loveline."

His heavy, bounce-laden style carries the album from start to finish, cementing him as California's heir apparent to the gutter synth funk sound, which originated from Ohio and found an adopted home out west. It fits perfectly with the cultures of lowriding and popping/locking. Diamond Ortiz proves on "Loveline," as he has with all of his past efforts, that the sound he is a proponent of is not simply "retro" or "old school" - it has a place in the modern day pantheon of electronic music.
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