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Diesler - 'Keepie Uppies' [CD]
Diesler - 'Keepie Uppies' [CD]
Diesler - 'Keepie Uppies' [CD]
Diesler - 'Keepie Uppies' [CD]


Keepie Uppies



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Jonathan Radford's second album for Tru Thoughts fuses elements of Brazilian, Cuban and Latin music, soul, jazz, broken beat and raw, drum-heavy funk.

In contrast to his debut LP, 'Keepie Uppies' finds Jonathan Radford collaborating extensively with musicians and vocalists. Though the tracks have lost none of that trademark Diesler bite, there's a greater emphasis on more traditional song structures.

Guest vocalists include Joseph Malik from Compost records and Southampton's Laura Vane, who has also recorded with Hint and MJ Cole.
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