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<!--2013120325-->Dilla x Akomplice - 'Dilla x Akomplice Set' [(Light Blue) T-Shirt]
<!--2013120325-->Dilla x Akomplice - 'Dilla x Akomplice Set' [(Light Blue) T-Shirt]
<!--2013120325-->Dilla x Akomplice - 'Dilla x Akomplice Set' [(Light Blue) T-Shirt]
<!--2013120325-->Dilla x Akomplice - 'Dilla x Akomplice Set' [(Light Blue) T-Shirt]

Dilla x Akomplice

Dilla x Akomplice Set

Light Blue


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For The Love of It

Through this collaborative project, J Dilla continues to bless the world with the gift of music. 100% of Akomplice's profits will be donated to provide instruments and music lessons to children who would otherwise be without.

Akomplice has melded the posthumous talents of J Dilla (partnering with the J Dilla Foundation) with those of the burgeoning Brooklyn emcee, Joey Bada$$ in a collaborative capsule that will enable youth access to music. Included within the collection is a t-shirt and crew neck that pay homage to the hallowed producer through an angelic cloud-graphic of J Dilla's face cleanly printed across both. But a collaboration of this magnitude wouldn't be complete without original music. Also included is a 45 record exclusive to the capsule which contains an unreleased Dilla beat dubbed "Two Lips" on Side A and an unreleased Joey Bada$$ track over the aforementioned beat on Side B. Those fortunate enough to obtain "The Set" will be blessed with the J Dilla sublimation shirt, in which the cloud-graphic appears across the entire tee and a newspaper highlighted by a candid interview with Dilla's mom, "Miss Yancey", Joey Bada$$ and Akomplice co-owner, Patrick Liberty. Through this collaboration, Akomplice is proud to play a role in bridging two generations of hip-hop that will reverberate with today's youth and empower them through music. As Joey describes it, "This project has been a dream come true, working with the soul of my favorite producer of all time is an honor."

Patrick Liberty says "The concept of the project was to give the opportunity to a new young artist that never had the chance to work with Dilla. We thought Joey had an integrity that made him perfect for the project"

While the product and unreleased tunes are cause for excitement, philanthropy is at the core of this collab. As many may know, the J Dilla Foundation's noble credo is to expose impoverished youth to music through funding inner-city music programs. As youth music programs are continually slashed nationwide, Akomplice, the J Dilla Foundation and Joey Bada$$ will donate 100% of the collection profits to buying instruments and music lessons for underprivileged kids. Miss Yancey will be distributing the spoils of this collection in the form of instruments to children in Detroit while Joey will follow suit at his alma mater in Brooklyn. More than receiving the gift of music, consumers will be providing the gift of music with each purchase to those that would otherwise go without.
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