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DIM - 'Bright Ideas' [CD]
DIM - 'Bright Ideas' [CD]
DIM - 'Bright Ideas' [CD]
DIM - 'Bright Ideas' [CD]


Bright Ideas


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DIM, the three seasoned, skilled & unique MCs deebee, Intrikit & Mastro unveil their long-awaited debut full length album, "Bright Ideas." For those hip hop fans longing for something different, progressive & old school all-in-one in today's world of throwaway, unimaginative and copycat rap, this is your ticket to a refreshing listening experience.

From beginning to end, DIM puts forth a consistent effort to keep you on your toes- with no two tracks sounding quite alike; yet at the same time offering a remarkably cohesive album with a distinguishably classic feel. The majority of production is handled by Intrikit, with added flavors from Rain (Moe Pope & Rain), Esh The Monolith and Dox (Poorly Drawn People). Tracks range from funky/upbeat ("Bumpercardilema" & "The Difference") to darker/drudgy ("Dime" & "Attention Shoppers") to classic boom bap ("Problem Child" & Adult-Lessons").

Guest appearances by G.S.B. (Agari Crew - Japan), Esh The Monolith, Noah Friedberg (Sky Island), CasUno (Labeless Illtelligence) & DJ Merf, along with solo tracks from each member of DIM add even more depth & sheen to an already multi-pronged & well-conducted volume that is "Bright Ideas."
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