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Disques Sinthomme Records - 'Tight!/ Path/ Run!/ Um..Spam' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

Disques Sinthomme Records

Tight!/ Path/ Run!/ Um..Spam

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record

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Product Details
Disques Sinthomme, the label that brought you the Citizen Kane "Adult Section" CD, releases a four track 12" single, the first in a series of many to come. Side A features an edit from Metro Area's Darshan Jesrani called "Tight!". The track is an 80s disco jam stripped and reworked for optimum dance floor bounce. At 105 BPM, it has the solid roller groove. "Path", the second track on Side A, is an obscure break that was featured on the "Adult Section" mix, which has become a favorite for numerous DJ's including Danny Krivit and Xpress 2's Diesel. Side B features an afro-disco obscurity called "Run" which has been reworked by Kane and was featured on his "DJ History" mix. "Run" has an up-tempo 'Fela at the disco' vibe with heavy reverb. It calls to mind early Idjut Boys U-Star efforts. Closing out the single is "Um...Spam", a tribute to a favorite bar tender (and graf writer). Culled from several Japanese sources, a sweet balearic vibe pervades (and a need for tequila) throughout the track. In pre-release, the record has already made several DJ charts and is gaining steady play in the UK. This first vinyl release from this imprint will have a nice club life as well as an accrued worth as a collectors item.
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