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<!--2012062601-->Dissizit! x Bode - 'Good Hat' [(White) T-Shirt]

Dissizit! x Bode

Good Hat



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My late father, Vaughn Bode, at age 15, created a little hat with stars and some spindly legs sticking out and coined him 'Cheech the Wizard' in 1957. For over 50 years, Cheech has stood the test of time and has become an icon of graffiti around the globe, standing as the most famous character in the world of urban art. Cheech was my dad inside the hat and hence whenever a character looked under the hat, they would go blind from looking the creator in the eye. I was the Lizard apprentice, Cheech's sidekick, forever stuck with a 7 year old's IQ, who always got kicked in the balls no matter what he did right or wrong. I used to box with my dad as a child and whenever the chips were down, I would punch my dad in the nuts and he vowed vengeance on me! So, from then on, my lizard character gets kicked in the balls forever more. So, here we stand, over a half a century of Bode art which I continue diligently to this day.

Now from Dissizit, the hat gets his hat blown. You can't keep a good hat down!! we present, "She Gives Good Hat!".