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Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths + English' [CD]
Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths + English' [CD]
Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths + English' [CD]
Dizzee Rascal - 'Maths + English' [CD]

Dizzee Rascal

Maths + English


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Dizzee Rascal, veteran of Roll Deep crew and winner of the prestigious Mercury Prize 2003 for his Boy In Da Corner album, has created what could easily be considered the definitive grime recording, Maths + English (also nominated for a 2007 Mercury Prize in the U.K). Definitive Jux releases Dizzee Rascal's Maths + English on April 29, showing the proper respect to a recording that offers a brutally honest portrayal of UK city life. Whether Dizzee is going at it with American gangsta rap legends Bun B and Pimp C [R.I.P.] on "Where's Da G's" or paying his dues by collaborating with UK drum and bass legend Shy FX, there is a palatable sense of desperation and simmering violence throughout Maths + English especially on tracks like "World Outside" and "Paranoid". The assault of metal guitars on the just what the fuck have I done rant "Sirens" is offset by the smartass backchat of Lily Allen on "Wanna Be" proving that the more musical ground that Dizzee covers on Maths + English the end result is a perfect vehicle for one man's voice and vision. The album will be released in stores for the first time in America.
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