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DJ Ayres - 'The Rave' [CD]

DJ Ayres

The Rave


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  • Jan 01, 1900
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • RUB007CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • The Rub
  • The Rub
I used to host ectasy parties at my apartment when I first started working for UGHH back in 2001. It was the last days of the Rave scene, and pretty much the last days of the ectasy scene. While Quest didn't pay me much, (I usually just got paid in records), drug sales helped pay my bills. Most dealers will say they ain't proud of selling drugs, but I loved it at the time. Rent was paid, I had different bitches rollin on MDMA everynight. I gave a girl a god damn orgasm from a massage one time. Serious shit this drug was. Anyway, DJ Ayres mixed together some of the jammies from the true school rave days, 97-00, before people started dying from that shit and MTV showed that girl with holes in her brain. Peep this.
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