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DJ Food & DK - 'Now, Listen Again!' [CD]

DJ Food & DK

Now, Listen Again!



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  • Jun 19, 2007
  • Electronic
  • 5021392468129
  • NJT123CD
  • 2.8 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Ninja Tune Records
  • DJ Food; DK
Want to hear Rakim on the mic with Phil Oakey from the Human League? Rock drummer Cozy Powell trading beats with DJ Format? Maybe the funky film version of 'Are You Being Served' is more to your taste or some West Coast surf-psych in the form of The Dragons' rarity 'Food For My Soul'? Resisting all the food puns we can think of (we know you'll be doing it for us) Solid Steel presents DJ Food & DK with "Now, Listen Again" - the sequel to the mix that kicked off the series in 2001.
Six years ago, DJ Food and DK launched Ninja's hugely successful "Solid Steel" mix series with "Now, Listen". The current main movers of the long running and much-loved "Solid Steel" radio show and club night, they laid out the basic template of all that was to follow. A dizzying, kaleidoscopic pile-up of musical styles and spoken word eclectica, all pieced together, layered and re-treated with the sort of attention to detail that only comes from nerdy obsession and music collections that need reinforced floor supports to be held safely.
Now... Listen Again! Ever wondered what these would sound like? Roots Manuva given exclusive makeovers by d'n'b new kids the Qemists and cut 'n' paste legend Steinski? Primal Scream in Hammond funk mode jamming with a northern soul version of 'Purple Haze'? The dub mix of New Order's classic "Blue Monday" (s)mashed into the vicious 2-step grime rhythm of New Flesh producer Part 2 with Fallacy on the mic?
It's all here plus plenty more besides, picking up (literally) where the last one left off. The emphasis with this compilation is on making the listener want to listen again and again, if not just to peel back the layers of the onion but just because it demands a repeat performance amongst the sea of data we consume these days. Food & DK wanted to make something that stood the test of time, a mix you'll still want to listen to 5 or 10 years from now, not something that dates quickly because it was trying to be too upfront. As the voice near the start implores: "Listen, Listen, we ask you, NOW LISTEN!"...... then listen again.
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