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DJ Krush - 'Kakusei' [CD]

DJ Krush



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  • Mar 09, 1999
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 766924585428
  • REDINK45854CD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • Red Ink Records
  • DJ Krush
Continuing his series of solo albums as collaborative efforts, this album is an invigorating, moody, and powerful release. Krush once again lets his abilities at both musical creation and turntablism work together for great results.

"Escapee", a track worked on with fellow beatmaster A.S.A., is almost stereotypically Krush, but it sounds so great, the crackle of vinyl and acoustic bass moan steering the course. Other musical collaborations abound, unsurprisingly: "Parallel Distortion" with DJ Sak features odd video game noises and a quirky synth bass rhythm echoing through the flow, while "Krushed Wall" has the Rhythm Troops having a blast with the usual Krush sound and tons of unexpected stops, scratches, and cuts.
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