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DJ Mighty Mi - 'Me Verses The Gods' [CD]

DJ Mighty Mi

Me Verses The Gods


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For the past 10 years DJ Mighty MI has worked with the likes of Eminem, Mos Def, Mary J Blige, Ghostface Killah, M.O.P., Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, Cage and more. Whether It Was Remixing Mobb Deep's 'G.O.D. III', or creating the classic 'Crooklyn Dodgers' Mash-up, DJ Mighty Mi has always shown good taste in blending Hip Hop's various genres. That brings us to his brand new solo debut 'Me vs. The Gods.' DJ Mighty Mi takes us on a 90 minute ride of pure Hip Hop fusing together some of the best emcees in the world over endless breaks and beats. If you are a true fan of all Hip Hop (old & new), this one has alittle for everyone!
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